Spotlight On Our Staff at Caravan Beads Chicago





Hi! I’m the owner of Caravan Beads in Chicago and our sister store, Briolette Beads and More in Forest Park. I have had a passion for anything/everything crafty since I was a little girl! I remember selling macrame owls and plant hangers that I made when I was 10 years old. I made candles, decoupage, and even tried my hand at soldering with my dad’s propane torch. My beading interest developed after I visited my first bead store in California. I was hooked. My husband Dan and I opened Caravan Beads 2004 in a small space across the street. After 4 years we moved into our much larger current location where we’ve been for 12 years. I have seen many changes in the bead biz over the years. I try to keep the store fresh with new ideas and merchandise to keep you all coming back for more. We try to stay on top of trends and are proud of the classes we have to offer. I hope you will continue to “support your local bead store” and visit us often! 


About Caravan Beads Chicago

Caravan Beads Chicago has been a family owned business since 1994. We are known for our top quality classes and personalized customer service. Stop in to our store sometime soon!

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